Lewiston, Maine

no matter if your account is current past due cycling or pymnt pending they call you! over and over and over and over from all diffrent numbers if you already paid they say sorry disregard the call if u havent they interrogate you to see when u will pay it...if you payonline theres a fee if you pay thru a rep theres a fee however u pay theres a fee unless you do it by mail which takes over a week to process im late by one week and they have called me over 21 times in the course of 4 days ! i am pissed!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I haven't had a bad experience yet! lol...I will be 3 days late...what can you do, after reading a lot of bad stories, My best suggestion is change your DUE date, that is what I had to do, what a huge difference it made.

look into it, might help...p.s. i'm not looking forward to mean people calling.


If you setup automatic pay there is no fee that's what I do


do westlake have a 10 day grace period


If you are on time they aren't bad other than the oppressive rate of interest and made me put down an additional $1000 at the last minute. They even allowed me to put a payment off by paying the interest. But the harassing phone calls, definately. They never threatened reposession with me but did with my husband.

Their employees must be paid to surf the web and say people are deadbeats for being a few days late and if you don't pay your house you'd get foreclosed on. Which that is funny because in most states that would be after 6 mos not paying your home. The reputable finance companies for home or auto loans have a 10 day grace period not 3 days. Real finance companies do not do annoying day and night calls to someone paid within 30 days, especially not the day the payment is due. Sure it is 'subprime' lending, for me that was a lower income after getting divorced and remarried to someone with no credit. I had paid off four cars in my life before that.

Westlake sent a what a good customer you are we'll give you $300 if you finance with us again. I threw that in the trash! Even 2 weeks after paid the loan off they called, and I got a random message in Spanish to call about the debt owed.


I've had no trouble with westlake, been a customer for about a year. They called a lot for the first couple weeks, I guess to make sure I'd answer, pay, and that the car was in good condition.

But after that, they have been the silent benefactor of my daily drive to and from work. i'm a little nervous after hearing about the trouble people have had trying to get their title, and I plan to try to refinance soon hopefully to avoid any last minute shenanigans... but so far, everything has been A-OK.

maybe it's because I'm actually paid ahead and have never, ever been late on a payment. who knows?


I have just recently started with them, they have been hounding me on when I can afford to make this months car payment. I made July's payment on the 20th when it was due, then they moved my payment to the 3rd of August and said that if I needed it moved again they would go ahead and they would push it back.

They act like they are understanding, but they aren't. If they can't get a hold of me, they start blowing up the phones of my references and that is starting to *** me off!!! They threaten to take my car if I don't pay it by the 10th and I finally told them that they actually can't do anything legally until I have been 60 days over due!! Of course that is when she started stuttering!!!

I am looking at refinancing my car elsewhere. I am a mother of 3 living out of a hotel because of the economy and they really don't care!


If you are in California or Central Texas, I would love to hear from you about this company. Especially regarding the phone calls threatening repossession, but all calls.


I have offices in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.


There is always a processing fee!!! Westlake didnt invent it!!

macys charges $14.75 to make a payment over the phone. Get over it!!

Grow up and realize that life does not make things easy on anyone. Its just you people who never seem to mind taking others money and then complaining when you dont pay them by the due date.


Well in my case not only do they call but the threathen to take my car everytime. Yet I have had my car for two years and they will not report it to any credit bureau.