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I was 2 weeks late and they were calling 30xs a day and calling my job. i told them i was gonna pay it in 1 weeek.

they said no not acceptable if i cant pay it now it will be repod. i know people that go 6 months without paying ang they havnt been repod i thought less then 30 days would be no problem. so after 30 minutes on the phone arguing with them they gave me till 2pm friday. thank goodness my check came a day early on thursday because friday mornin (20 days late) at 9 am i woke up to a voicemail saying hello your car is up 4 repo and im calling from the repo company to come pick up the car im on my way to your house now.

this was left 30 min before i heard it so i ffrantically jumped up and ran to my car no shoes in my pjs and omg the guy was across the street from my house waiting on the tow truck i guess i pull off and call westlake and say wtf you guys told me i had till 2 pm its only 10 am you guys are liars. i went on to tell him im on my way to western union rght now to pay it and he said no its to late theres nothing i can do and even if i pay it its still gonna get repod. your car is already in the system for repo. I asked to speak to a manager and they wouldnt transfer me.

he was soo rude he was making me more upset. I was i guess you can say amazed that only 20 days late and i was running from a repo man. finally he agreed to let me pay it so i had to pick up a friend and send him inside to pay it bcuz i didnt have shoes on and i know if i get out it wont be there when i get back. westlake is the most bs finance company.

i will NEVER go to them for anything again. I WOULDNT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE

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i own a car lot here in cincinnati ohio snd westlake services is not a good bank to deal with they take ur money and threatin you with sell your car back to the dealership what type of *** is this i hate that we even ope ana account with westlake man *** the company i wish people would get smart and not use these as holes


never had a problem with westlake so far had my loan for 6 months and have been late 2 times one just like a week and once like 2 to 3 weeks never even got a call from them asking for payments, they didnt bother me they do call occasionally for no reason just to ask how i like the vehicle but so far seems like a good company as long as you pay your bill


Any time you make arrangements with this company make sure its documented, and call back to verify that it actually got done. Seems like that when you talk to one rep, it doesn't get noted or saved in the system, which is either just laziness on the reps or they are told to do it this way.

Basically, they are in the business to TRY and repo your car.

Which is just more money for them, so you have to understand and play their game. Think ahead and plan, don't make them chase you down, call them ahead of time, which makes them a heck of a lot easier to deal with.

Pay within 10 days no problems. Anything past 20 they start getting serious about repo.

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