Stockton, California
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My husband & I purchased a truck and the car dealer used this finance company only so we had no choice. Our payments were suppose to be $340 for 24 months and we ended up not getting it paid until January of 2007 for some apparent reason.

They kept saying that late/service fees had built up over some time that we make our payments late a few times. The people would call and harass about a payment before the due date. When it came to the last payment we waiting over 30 days to get the title. It never came.

We call them to find out what the hold up is and they say we still owed another $383 in order to get the title. So we ask to get it in writing and paid it. Then all of a sudden they list the loan as a charge off on our credit. WHAT???

That is not possible. We busted our behinds trying to make those payments each month. For the past 6 years I have been battling with them back and forth and also disputing the charge off with the credit reporting agencies and cant seem to get this negative collection off our credit reports.


Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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The worst customer service anywhere! If you find yourself in the dilemma of having to use Westlake Financial, Get a co signer, fix your credit, use the bus or ride a bike to work because I promise you, you WILL regret using Westlake to finance your vehicle for so many unethical reasons!

I wish my spouse had known about their reputation before going through that 2 and a half year nightmare with them and their Ghetto Customer Service. Thank GOD I have good credit, I Secured a low interest loan with my Credit Union and paid them of and them it was another nightmare to get Pink!