Phoenix, Arizona
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This company has the worst customer service. Their employees cannot do their job and as a result the customer is left paying for fees due to lack of responsiblity from the employees.

They refuse to help customers who cooperate with them and as a result the customer is left with no progress from their problem and therefore feel helpless. I as a westlake customer would not like to see other customers go through what i went through.

West Lake Financial Services hires incompite people that cannot handle their job, I would never!!!! recommend anyone to go through this company as long as i live it has been the worst experience......

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to the *** "pay your bills on time"!! Do you by chance work at WestLake Financial because you have the same small minded mentality and lack of any human feelings!

I wish you well.....because GOD forbid you hit a hard time, you will be throwing a rock at a glass house, calling the kettle black! If you are not from this country, may God have you deported, if you are....may hey deport your sorry, pathetic *** to a third world country and send someone backthat deserves to live in this country!


I bet you *** people use your banks bill pay...


you know westlake seems to think that they are the only game in town they are wrong there several reputable companies that will finance you don't be scared and know your rights under the law especially credit law and consumer protection


We were harrased by phone calls and we have always paid our bills on time. They had the money in their account and they said we were late and better make our payment.

I had to get my bank to verify the payment sent to them electronically and fax them a comfirmation and after 10 days they finally realized they had the money all along and gave me credit for my early payment. They are so ***. Customer service stinks!!! You wait so long to talk to someone who knows nothing about banking.

It is crazy.

We sold our vehicle on 3-12-10 and paid it off by an internal bank transfer from my bank to theirs and 4 business days later they still say they do not have recorded. I hope they mail the title faster than they can count money.


pay your bills on time Nice to know you are not unemployed or self employed, that is wonderful for you. You should read what the people who paid their bills on time wrote, you might not be as safe as you think you are.


To: always pay on time, you will start to understand what some others are going through now that your husband is out of a job. You didn't have any idea it would happen, and like most people you might have a buffer, but if you had the money to have a large buffer, you wouldn't have had to use westlake, you could have paid cash.

We are self employed and because of people not paying me I have had finantial difficulties, otherwise I wouldn't have had to use Westlake. You may be assured, I will never use them again, I will drive a $200.00 junker first!!


hace un mes que termine de pagar y ahora que reclamo el titulo de mi carro nadie me hace caso solo me dicen que me transferiran al departamento correcto y me dejan esperando y despues me cuelgan


They Are so *** it took me thirty days to get my tittle and i over paid and still have not got a check back from them


I too HATE their customer service. If you're talking to someone don't transfer them unless it's needed.

Then when you get the call don't put them on hold only to be transfered back to the main system......they have horrible customer service. I have always paid my bills on time and extra. My husband lost his job so I asked to be defer one of my payments...had to pay a fee...then was denied because THEIR funds were exhausted???

So now I still have to pay before the end of the month so they don't send me to collections even though my account will only be 7 days late before I can pay them. I know I should have a reserve for this, and yes that's my situation, but the fact remains that their customer service is horrible, even when I was on time and asking for a pay off, they couldn't give me a straight PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME, unless you've actually had experience with West Lake and have had a different outcome don't judge people.


pay your on bills on time and you would never have to deal with the calls. your lucky westlake financed you because with your credit you would be on the bus if they