I have continually harassed by Westlake financial for being a few days late. They call and talk really nasty to you.

They even lie. They offered to refinance my loan if i made a payment. i made the payment and then they said they could not do it. i waited to late.

I will never in this lifetime ever deal with them again. They came and reposessed my car the day after christmas and i was only i month behind.

They have no compassion for people struggling in this economy. Westlake financial is the worst company i have ever dealt with.

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I am sick and tired and fedup of these people calling and harrassaing and threating those individuals that I put as referrences. If I am late 1 day they are calling and harrassing them and saying they are going to repo the car and they don't care of my situation.

Well I have spoken to an attorney and I was adviced to write a complaint to the better business buereu with as much signitures as possible and they will investigate this incident and take care of the problem immediately. So please get intouch with me so I can get all your signatures and complaints and put them in a pile and send them in. My deadline is January 31st.

So please get intouch with everyone you know and tell them to email me their complaints to ambassador4jc2002@yahoo.com. It is time to take action on these cruel people that has done damage to us.


they repossessed my car few weeks already. They had been calling 10 people that I referenced like crazy.

Now they were calling me back if I'm interested on taking my car back. I told them maybe but the amount they are asking maybe more than what I need to pay the lot. I told them to call me back but has not heard from them since.

totally not giving them anything or letter to get my truck back right now.. huh!!

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