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Worst place I have ever delt with. They are ALWAYS rude.

They ALWAYS cut you off or make you seem like your a pos for having issues. My husband is military and leaves at Radom times... They had the nerve to ask where he was or say he wasn't military that they looked it up(which is a lie because you can't do that). With that being said there has been a few times where I couldn't make a payment since im not on his account.

They just repoed the car and when i did everythimg to get it back they dont care... It says they took it today to tn and i live on ohio... When i asked them for help the guy said he couldn't help that I'd have to find my own ride there and if I would have stayed on my payments that this wouldn't of happened... My husband over heard him and lost his mind on him..

They hung on me many time and when I finally got someone back on the phone she informed me that the tn issue could be fixed by morning... Don't buy from them they are a bad company....


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with Westlake Financial Services. We take all of our customers’ concerns seriously.

We apologize for the negative experience you had with our company.

We do not support this type of customer service, and we are working very hard to make sure that everyone is helped effectively and within a timely manner. If you have any questions about your account, please contact our customer service team at 888-739-9192.


How can you possibly,say you do not support this type of customer service. Kok how many people,have the same experiences.

I appreciate that you are a debt collector and I know the way it works. You must,reach a certain quota every month and you also give bonuses to those,that exceed that quota. Talking down to people or hanging up on them is ridiculous. Maybe you should start listening to the calls and performance of employees since you record,them for quality assurance.

Ha!!!! Now onto my story. Two people hung up on me a third refused his name and i complained to two supervisor's and would be happy to provide you all the names of the,reps i spoke to. You people are sharks.

You,absolutely do not care about the practices of your employees. Forget your *** message above. Do something. And prove,that your doing something.

Win the customers trust back. Believe me it will be a win win for everyone.

We all experience hardships that doesn't make us less than human. Give your ppl a c sensitivity training course or continue to do nothing.