Hi mi sis wanted to give the car she financed with westlake ,the car transmissions isout motor is bad and the city is giving a lots of problem because the car is parking with no tag. We call west lake and gave them where the car is so they can come and get it, they told her they don't want.a car that's junk, they want a functional car that's useful not useless, now can she give it to a junk yard ,whatever the money theygive she Will give it to westlake please tell me what should we do

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She should own up to her financial responsibilities.

to Allen B #909290

Junk the dam thing and just let them sue you in civil court and try to collect the money uh uh ...u try to work with people and they don't care how the speak and can't he you..so then the *** with it ....that's what I wou due...

Los Angeles, California, United States #718597

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