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I bought a car to build credit because I have been paying cash for everything.

my 1st payment was July 7th and I have been paying my payments every month and always early.

Oct, I went out of town and west lake financial's Statement was had not arrived yet, so I wrote a check and told my daughter to mail it out as soon as she saw that statement in the mail. I got back Oct 21st and the check was still there and my daughter said that the statement did not come.

So I looked up the WLFS address and mailed out the check and i called them. they told me the statement had been mailed out on the 10th. car payment was due on the 24th, that same day the statement showed up. And then I get a phone call from then telling me that its my responsibility to pay my bill...

REALLY WLFS? why didn't you send me a statement? So I had to put stop payment to the check $27.00 then I had to call them and use my debit card to pay the car payment, I told them i was paying $379.00 well after we were done I got a conf # and check on my bank acct and they had taken $388.00? I did not say that it was ok for them to withdraw and extra $10.00...

So I talked to some people whom know this company very well and they told me that west financial people are like drug dealers, they will do anything for their customers to fall off the wagon so they can come back pick up the car and re-sell it and make more money. If would have known what I know now about them, I would have said NO to that loan. right after I bought the car they'd call me everyday about something, then 2 weeks before my 1st payment they started to call me again to remind me that my car payment was coming up, they called everyday... so one day I changed my voice and I talked to them with a child's voice...

and then I asked them if they knew I was 5 years old, and then they said, well our records indicate you are 38 years old! then I said exactly dumb *** I am not 5 I know when to pay my bill and if ever call me again to remind me, i'll suit your ***.

I found that this is the only language these people understand. don't be afraid stand up for yourself and cuss them out.

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