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I am almosty at the end of the loan and I cannot wait until I NEVER EVER DEAL WITH THESE FOOLS AGAIN< I got late and they call me no lie up to 35 times a day, they got some of my family number phone numbers dont know how and harrassed them, then they said since I was late one month that i was a loser and that they would report the car stolen and have everybody in the car arrested, hmm, loan in my name and been paying for 2 yeaars and i stold it, and then they gave me the loan?? Hmmm Then this month before my scheduled pymt.

they called to say they would repo the car, I wasnt late they said will your payment will be due in a week and you might be late what kind of *** is that? I could go on and on!

They give the worst customer service, if one talks to you and they tell you to call them back you never hear from that one again wtf?? I am calling the BBB I think a class action law suit needs to be started on these fools!!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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If they were calling you 35 times a day you can file a harassment suit against them because they are legally not allowed to call more than 7-9 times a day. Just wanted to give you a heads up on what you can do in your defense.


I am in complete agreement with you!! this company is the WORST i have ever dealt with!!

I was told by the guy that I wouldnt have to worry about them being rude to them if i made my payment right on time and then he said do i kno the reason why i was financed thru them i said no why? he said because we finance ppl with the worst credit and no one else would finance you.. so what does that say about you?

I said WOOOW this is how you talk to your customers? i was hung up on like a million times anytime i told them to send me my rights or to let me speak with the supervisor smh they are such liars but I have the owner/presidents phone number and the cfo's number you should call them!!!

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