I Loaned a truck from this company, and back in October of 2011 I was 15 days late from my due date, HOWEVER they reported on my credit I was over 30 days late! Now I'm applying for a loan and this is hunting me, Westlake is aware of the problem and I filed a claim and they closed the claim stating I paid Off my truck, but they have not yet fixed the main problem!

It has been a week back and forth with Westlake trying to get them to *** that 30 days, which is WRONG.

As of now I had to open up another claim with equifax and we are all still waiting for westlake to fix this otherwise my home loan will not be approved. They are having a hard time understanding the meanings for the problem I'm trying to resolve.

Copy and Paste on your internet browser to access website on this problem: Link below: http://www.electronicmusiccruise.com/Westlakefinancialproblem.dwt.php

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