They call us CONSTANTLY days before our payment is even due, usually hanging up when we answer.. Which is better than actually talking to these RUDE jerks..

When I tell them I will call and pay it when I get paid, the day it's actually due, I get smart *** responded like, well what are you spending your money on that you can't pay it early? And we will just come pick it up hen.. IT'S NOT EVEN DUE YET!! We missed a payment due to no e I their *** business by 14 days and these *** holes told me they are coming to pick it up..

We only have 3 payments left on it and you're going to come pick it up instead of wait 4 days until I can pay it???? Every person I talk to is unbelievably over he top rude and hateful.. The man that called me this morning heard my kids in the back ground and made a comment about how if I can't afford to make a car payment then maybe I shouldn't of had children. I am amazed every single time at the horrible things these people say.

There has to be something that can be done about these people! I pay my bills, occasionally 1 will have to wait a week or two.. Should that give them the right to treat people like they are worthless *** and tell them these things?!?!

I have told them numerous times that the truck is in the garage, come try And get it I will pay it when it is due. I can't wait to be done with these worthless ***!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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