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Westlake Financial Services is far and away the most crooked lender I have ever encountered. Knowing they were a sub-prime lender and realizing that my situation required such a lender, I had/have no problem with the usurious interest rates they charge. It is a free market.

My issue is that they have STOLEN my 2011 F250 King Ranch from the Wrecker yard where it was towed following an accident I had on July 19, 2018. I was hospitalized for 24 days following the accident and had two major surgeries to save the use of my lower left leg. While I was hospitalized, Westlake stealthily went to Northside Towing of Alexandria, LA and presented an illegal notice of repossession, took my truck away and charged my account a repossession fee of $425.00.

Here is the alarming part... I have never been late on a payment from the day I purchased the truck. I have maintained full coverage insurance from jump street. I was in no way in default on the terms of the purchase agreement between myself and Westlake Financial Services. My insurance adjuster and I have spent a combined total of over 8 hours being bounced around the Westlake Financial phone system as well as other subsidiaries of Westlake only to receive absolutely no information. I still do not know where my truck is. I still do not have a valid reason for the repossession (a csr said the promise I broke in the agreement was I had a wreck in my truck). I still cannot get access to the truck for my insurer to execute their responsibility in establishing the value of the truck so we can settle with these folks at Westlake.

On Saturday, I received a letter from Westlake, the first communication of any kind, informing me of their intent to file for a repossession title and to offer my truck for sale at a private sale. Prior to the illegal repossession ( actually grand theft auto) Westlake made not one phone call to me nor did they send me a text or email. Neither did they attempt to contact the insurer of record in any way shape or form.

It was their intent all along to steal the truck, undervalue it and sell it, leaving me with a large judgment representing the difference between their valuation of the truck and their now inflated payoff amount!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Reason of review: I am filing civil lawsuits against Westlake.. that is how I feel.

Monetary Loss: $28000.

Preferred solution: Return my truck to me and my insurer, remove the repossession from my record, remove all other fees accrued because of their illegal action of repossession..

Westlake Financial Services Cons: Shady business practices, Customer service, Employees have lack of knowledge, How they lie.

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You don't know what in the *** you're talking about so stop trying to play lawyer! They are the lienholder.

The lienholder is ALWAYS notified of an impounded car.

Since there are daily storage fees with that, they pick up the car to avoid them. Again, before you start shooting off your mouth in some immature temper tantrum, have the intelligence to know what you're talking about!!!






OH YES, ANOTHER SUBPRIME LEGAL EXPERT! This lender is the lien holder.

When the car which is involved in a lien is impounded, the lien holder is notified. This is STANDARD PROCEDURE for ANY subprime lender. The lien holder, then picks up the car because they can be responsible for storage fees.

Again, this is STANDARD PROCEDURE! Perhaps you fell asleep during the relevant dissertation during law school.


Hey, *** protecting an asset is fine... illegal repossession is not.

Putting a repossession in my credit file is not. In the state of Louisiana there is a self serve repossession provision, but they must be handled precisely according to the laws as stated in RS 6:965 and 6:966. Westlake violated RS6:966 by making no effort to contact the borrower and by failing to notify the borrower IN WRITING of their intent of action. Further, in order to exercise the self service repossession law in Louisiana, the borrower must be in default ACCORDING TO THE DEFINITIONS IN RS 6:965 which clearly states that in order to be in default the borrower must be 60 days delinquent on their payment or they must have failed to carry full coverage insurance.

Neither of those conditions existed in this case.

Therefore, Westlake Financial Services illegally repossessed my truck!! You might want to get a little better informed before you try to be some the advocate for low lifes like yourself you ignorant *** So go screw yourself!


Hi. Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention.

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for the negative customer experience you encountered. Providing great customer service is our main goal.

Given the opportunity, we would like to learn more details about your concern and be able to try to make things right. Please contact us at your earliest convenience at CustomerExperience@westlakefinancial.com


You folks have no interest in resolving this matter. You are crooks and clearly in violation of the laws of the State of Louisiana!

The fact that the United States Justice Department just obtained a $700,000.00 settlement against you company for illegally repossessing the vehicles of 70 members of the US Armed Forces speaks volumes about your serial abuse of consumers and their rights... not to mention the 44.1 million dollar settlement awarded to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on behalf of thousands of Westlake Financial Services clients due to your illegal and abusive collection practices!! Patterns, people, patterns... the establish the nature of your company!

How about your excessive rate charge cases in Maryland, New York and Ohio?

Just a criminal enterprise, that is what Westlake Financial Services really is. You should be tried under RICO statutes and made to truly soy fir the multitude of crimes you have committed against unwitting consumers!

@Phillip Jones

Don't borrow from them..... Problem solved....You're welcome...

@Phil Jones

That "Anonymous" is helpless. Phillip, I like your educated review and comments. My name is Tom, I am a new Westlake customer from CA.


Wow!! It took you all this time to come up with such a stunning and enlightening response??.

Oh... and thanks for sharing your wisdom!!