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I have had a Car payment through these guys, for 2 yrs my car is almost paid off, i was late on my payment for the first time, last month and i made a payment 2 weeks ago and called them to make arrangments, for the nexted payment, for the second, my payment was due on the 24th so it isnt 30 days late, i have called them last thurs, and then on saturday at 8 am they called over and over again, i answered, and told them i have done made arrangements, with them this call came from leonia NJ, so i told them id be sending money on the second which i do a prepay credit card when making payments, Then Sunday comes and they call again at 8 am and all day long, i know Sunday calls are illegal, so i called them on Monday and told them, once again and they told me actually i didnt make arragments because i didnt give them a credit card number, and that the calls will continue, till payment is made Bs! My phone is also a medical line my husband works for and it is for emergencies, and that is also illegal to harrass, thinking about changing the number then not giving it to them, i have been honest in the past with them and made all my payments, they should not get by with harrassing people like this

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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I didn't agree to have westlake carry my loan, my loan got sold to them and now I deal with harrassing phone calls, My orginal loan, which I was told everything would stay the same on the loan, nothing would change, now they are telling me they do not give even a day as grace period, which legal there is a 10 day grace period on ANY bills/loans in my state, they have been harrassing my non stop, I am a single mom with 3 kids and I wish my dealership had never sold my loan :(


Oh by the way it we bought our car for 10,000 dollars and our balance is 1,700 so it really looks like we dont make out payments!


@ Martyvem , before you judge i can Gaurantee me and my husband Isnt dead beats, We work all the time and not live off the Goverment, the reason we have credit problems is because my husband was Dianosed with MS years ago, We Have no medical, And yes we have had the same jobs for very many yrs, And not that it is any of your business, but the only reason we was late, was because my work van had broke down, and It comes out of your personal income to get it fixed, so you can keep your job, and make your payents on time, plus we had to move, because the summer storm, had knocked our foundation lose and our house was sinking, and no we didnt own the house a dead beat landlord did that gets by with not fixing nothing, so our rent went up 500 dollars more then what we was paying. because it is hard to find a house were we are located to rent, we took this one because of a friend offered it to us, because she knows we pay our bills, and as of harassment yes it is, sorry already have a lawyer.

and i might add my husband has had his job for going on 27 yrs at the same one, and he still works, when he cant even hardly walk so as far as your opinion of us you know were you can stick it!

It be different if our payment was 30 days past due and we did it all the time but we havent, and as for them giving people a loan with bad credit, all they do is suck money from people with rates so high, So maybe you should grow up, and find the facts before you judge, stuff happens to good people all the time, doesnt mean they are dead beats! So here is my thought you know what you can Kiss!


I am experiencing the same calling 10+ times daily even after after i paid the less then 30 day late payment. I only have 1 payment left.



Just think about this, you financed with Westlake because you have credit problems and Westlake was the only place you could get financing! You said you paid them on time for awhile, but you still haven't learned! You have a job and your boyfriend has a job! Maybe one day you will grow up and learn to make all your payments on time, not just some payments! They gave you a second chance to establish your credit and next time get a lower rate! You will never learn, once a dead beat--always a dead beat! You deserve all the phone calls, it's not harassment, you owe them money and you broke the contract to pay!

Grow up!