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My car is financed through Westlake Financial. I've had so many interactions with them due to harassing phone calls starting a week prior to my due date that start at 4:55am and ending till about 9pm, at intervals of every half hour.

They give bogus information when making payment arrangements through them and fail to mention the "service" fee when securing the payment. I spoke with a customer service representative the day before my payment was due and he notated the account, or so I thought, about my running into some financial hardships this month and that I would make the payment promptly next week. They notate it, but it's not going to stop the phone calls they say. Although I don't have ANY money to give them, they're going to keep asking me every day to give it to them?!

I told them I can give them my bank information for when I am able to pay, and they won't accept it for next week. What kind of customer service is this???! And when I asked them to stop calling at indecent hours they said no, not until I pay them. soon as I can, I'm paying this loan off so that I can get rid of them.

They are terrible!! I think I'd be able to handle the calls if their representatives weren't so *** rude!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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@anonymous- Thank you for confirming what slimeballs these people are! I would LOVE to see someone file a class action lawsuit against these crazies!!!


They are the worst financial company. Their customer service reps are rude as heck and think that your not educated.

And they make the worst comments, like "Why dont you just give us the car", really I have 400.00 to pay until the car is paid off and you want me to give you the car, I told him why didnt you say that when I owed $6000.00 on it. they are AWFUL AWFUL


I worked for this company and I feel REALLY sorry for people who unfortunately finance through West Lake. It is a continuous nightmare many times even after you finish paying for the darn broken down vehicle.

Ethics did not allow me to work for this company anymore. I could not sleep sometimes because of the horrors that occur at this company.

It is true! All true!