Victorville, California

I feel your pain man I hate WestLake with all my *** heart. My car got taken by the Police in this *** Drug Case that they tried putting on me.

In short I'm innocent it's getting dropped and all that *** is behind me now. Except WestLake will not give my Audi A4 back because it was held by the Kern County Sheriffs Department for a few months. Keep in mind that I was always current on the payments and was never even late. In fact made a ton of extra payments to pay it off.

So in two *** years I went from owing them $28,500.00 to $989.00 basically two G D payments!!!!!!!!!! It's get's even better so I do everything that I can do and WestLake says "Ok buddy all that you have to do is money Gram us $375.00 for a repossession fee and your contract with uswill be fixed right up and you can come pick up your car the next day in LA." I said *** ya I sent them the money Gram and the I checked it the next day. Guess what the rep @ West Lake then say's "sorry man the DA of Lameass Kern County has a hold on your car and always has." So I get really mad and ask to talk with a supervisor witch is a huge load of ***! Thay lied agian and said we will mail you a check refund for our mess up.

Well a few weeks go by and it's not here so I call WestLake *** bag CO. Again and they say that they" cannot refun even the $375.00 keep in mind they have already completly *** me on my $28,500.00 dollar AUDI A4 plus the this extra fake assfee that they screwed me on!!

Please if anyone see's this post DON'T SIGN with Westlake They are BLOOD SUCKING MONEY GRUBBING *** WHO DON'T LOOK OUT FOR THERE PEOPLE CUSTOMERS WHATEVER THE ***! Just stay away from these Crooks There *** ***!

Monetary Loss: $29000.

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Westlake is a company that falsifies documents and have someone in office that takes in contracts that's not signed by the customer so when you look to call someone a retard look at yourself cause yes I have sued Westlake yes yes sure did and won my case so your the retard westlake laughed when all that $$$$$ was coming in but ALWAYS REMEMBER %LAUGH NOW CRY LATER........ :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry CAUSE I SURE AM :p :p :p :p :p src="/components/com_akocomment/images/sm_razz.gif" border="0" alt=":p" /> :p :p :p :p Show less


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