Houston, Texas

Reading several of the comments on this site, some say that if you are being harrased by Westlake Financial it is because you do not pay your bills. Well, that may be true for some but I have never done business with this company and they continue to call asking for someone I do not know.

I have asked them to remove my number and have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. They continue to call because they have outdated informaton and are either too lazy or too *** (my guess is the later) to do some actual research and update their databases with correct information.

I have actually googled the individual they are asking for and provided them with the number and they refuse to try the number because their files reflect the number they are calling. My recommendation to everyone out there is if you do business with this company and decide not to pay your bills, just move and change your phone number they are too *** to find you.

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Let's just get this out of the way - I HATE Westlake financial!!! Their monthly fees are too high, their employees are always rude and mean, they constantly harrass you on the phone, they lie & steal money but most importantly---- they need to go out of business!!

They are ruining peoples lives & they need to be stopped! Please, anyone out there reading these comments, WE are true customers who are going through *** with Westlake financial.

WE know who they truly are & what kind of **** they like to pull. DONT go to Westlake financial!!!!!


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