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i bought a car for $10000. i paid for almost the whole thing.

then i experienced some life changes that made it very hard to pay. the balance was only about 2000 and there were only about 6 months left to pay. i asked for them to change the amount due each month. they wouldn't change it.

i asked them to wait for a change back to the way my money was. they wouldn't do it. they repo'd it after 3 months past due. and i was not able to pay to get it back.

then i was told by letter the total amount due. i called to tell them i couldn't pay total and wouldn't be able to pay til the next month and i could pay a certain amount. i was HUNG UP ON. called again...transferred to someone else and HUNG UP ON AGAIN.

Noone EVER speaks english and they are rude. i knew what i owed and planned to pay at the end of the year when additional monies are available to me. they would accept NOTHING but they continued to call me!

apparently, they filed suit in the state and county it was purchased in against me and my paycheck is being garnished til it is paid off. that's ***!

i did not know about that, until my company told me. i was never served with a paper or anything. yes at the time i got the loan i was going thru a divorce and needed transportation immediately and accepted it.

but Westlake is sleazy with no english speakers and non customer service oriented. so DONT USE THEM!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I would love it if they would give me 3 months!! Instead they are saying it will be disabled in the next week, i am 13 days late on 100 dollars! and yes they are a sleazy company, but while I understand your situation changed I have to agree that you can't expect a loan company to wait MONTHS for a payment while you get your situation figured out, and while yes I agree it seems like a decent company would have worked with you in some way, maybe lowering your payments for a little bit, you do have to admit they don't HAVE to do that


Your Crazy,

You are 100% correct, why would anyone think they would still be driving after missing 3 payments! He must think Westlake owes him something, but instead, they gave him another chance and he still hasn't learned! Obviously, he will always be a dead bear!



What a ***!

Westlake gave you a second chance and you blew it! One say you should learn to buy what you can afford! Why would you think Westlake would agree go change the terms of the contract! Wake up! You deserve to have the car rdpo'd after not making payments for 3 months! I can't believe you were able to drive it that long before they found it! Oh, you were probably hiding it from them, you have experience with being a dead beat, so how many repo's do you have now?



Ummm your mad your car got repoed when you didn't make 3 months of payments???? That sounds pretty normal to me.

And yea once its repoed you have to pay full amount to get it back. Sounds like your mad at them for doing there job...