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Hi my wife she purchased a 2010 Tucson we'd 85,500.00 miles on en Rockland cuounty NY she's American. She have a bad credit ' I'm ilegal immigrant ' yes we are married I have a really good job I pay all the bills a home ' I told her don't buy the Tucson because is to much money west lake approve the car on her name and put me as a Secod on the loan ' the car is register on my name yes I have a license ' and tax ID number I pay taxes ' now I'm paying 568 dollars a month interest is 24% car owns 17,000.00 is I'm very Depressing loan is in her name and car register on my name we purchase the car because the sales man he told me after six months my credit is going to be really good after 6 months dealer say to me Tax ID docent make any credit I'm really depres i don't I don't know what to do west lake is taking my life she going to divorce me because she's in drugs she abuse from me mental and physical she's offer me immigration all the time I'm a good husband I work 6 days a week I been here in USA 16 years I'm 31 now I was a *** kid when I Crossed the south border whit out inspection I never been involved in any bad thing please if some one can help me

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16 years? Why don't you become naturalized?

Anyhow - I feel for you, the 2 things you can do are:

1. Pay off the car - best thing to do. It will take time and hard work but you seem like a hard working guy. You can do it.


Don't pay off the car - worst thing you an do. Do this and you will suffer a long time.

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