Immokalee, Florida
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I had purchase a nissian maxima 4 years ago and i got into an accident 6 months after i got the car.and westlake financial said i didnt have to pay my insurance or da car since I cant use it. I took there advice didnt pay and now am in debt $2000 and what not.they started to harass me calling me day night morning no matter what time.

I had received a settlement letter about westlake financial settlement but i lost that paper now i cant sign up. What do i do??

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Convoluted. If you have possession of the car, then you need to make car payments.

If the car was totaled, then of course you don't need to pay for the insurance. If it was totaled, your insurance company would have paid them what your car was worth one second before its destruction. After that payment, you still owe what the insurance did not cover because the value of the car was probably less than the amount of the loan.

Its called being upside down in the deal. Nothing new or unusual here and not a scam.