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Update by user Jun 06, 2012

Well folks don\'t give my attorney and I brought Westlake financial to their knees. They payed me what they owed me plus an extra 500.00 and cleaned off all the lies about me on my credit report.

Don\'t give in to them FIGHT BACK !! Sometimes the legal system actually works like it is supposed to. If you want my attorneys info send me a note.

He just takes cases on that are air tight and charges no fees. Take Care Jp

Update by user Apr 07, 2012

Tired of trying to get them to pay me what they owe me so filing a claim in small claims court. Let\'s see what a judge has to say about THEIR OWN Letter THAT says what they owe me.

Original review posted by user Mar 07, 2012

Westlake financial took my car after I lost my job due to disability. They sold it for enough to pay off loan and then owed me the extra 500.00.

Now they won't give me the money they legally owe me !!! Now what do I do??? I even have a letter that they claim they owe me the money. Then in Feb 2012 they send me another letter claiming I still owe 2500.00 and that they are posting that to my credit report.

The people at this company ARE INSANE !!!

Please if anybody can help me. I am disabled pretty much home bound or I would go down there with the letter they sent me saying they oweing me money and throw it in their faces.

Review about: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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No I am disabled and because of what I have been through I lost everything. What do you do break peoples legs as a collector for westlake



What a loser, you financed with Westlake because of your already poor credit, then you had a repo with them, who do you think is going to finance your next car? Maybe your personal bank will give you preferred financing.....NOT!

How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot, at least you will get your money if Westlake owes it to you...but my guess is that after the repo charges, collection charges, auction fees etc, there was nothing left for you..Why do you think you are entitled to anything or are you just another scam artist?

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