Flanders, New Jersey
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I do not have nor ever have had an account with Westlake Financial, but they keep calling my house looking for someone that does not live in my home....harassing the wrong people!

I have repeatedly told Westlake Financial this, but they continue to call. They say since the debtor gave my number they have the right to call my number....unbelievable. I asked one of the callers if that means that anyone can give any number and they said yes!

This can not continue and I don't think is fair to have to change my phone number of eleven years to get them to stop harassing the wrong person. I need legal advice!

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Why don't you register on the national do not call list, also you can draft a certified letter with a specific date to contact you to clear this up and if they don't meet the dead line you have legal action that can be taken by hiring a lawyer, contacting the BBB or your attorney general.