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My brother in law had his car financed with Westlake. I loved him dearly but he was awful on keeping papers straight.

He died on Oct 9th of this year and I have been trying to get the loan papers from Westlake since so I can give them to the attorney and get the loan paid off. I have been told several times by this company(when I get a representative that I can understand) that I am lying about my brother in laws death and that I'm just trying to get out of paying for the loan. I am making the car payments out of my own pocket(early every month) and just trying to get paperwork so I don't have to deal with this company any longer.

I have submitted the death certificate and the estate papers but I can still get no one to help me. I'm tempted to let the car be repo'd just so I don't have to deal with this rude people any longer.

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Try going to the originating dealer. They should be able to request a 10 day payoff.

be sure to bring the proper paperwork (death cert. etc.).

If the car was in his name alone, letting them take the car back will not hurt anyone's credit. However, it can be a legal "hairball" transferring ownership if the family decides they want to keep the car.

Documentation is one of the keys. Sorry for your loss.


I completely empathize with you. They are terribly rude and uncaring.

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