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I've been dealing with my husband's illness (cancer) AND was laid off from my job. I called Westlake to ask for assistance - extension, something - while I got back on my feet.

This was May of 2009. I was told, too bad. Pay the bill or we'll repo the car. Needless to say I called higher up but got the same resposne.

So I scrambled. Borrowed from friends, etc - all the while getting 2 to 3 phone calls daily and the payment wasn't even due yet! Payments have been made and time passes - I told them to come get the truck. They said they'd be here in 2 hours.

3 days later the truck was still here. I called them and asked what the ***? They denied telling me the repo man was coming. Said they were rewriting my loan to help me out.

Surprise! They later denied that as well. So, in October I made a payment and arranged to make two more by the 15th of November. On the 13th I got a call from the repo guy saying he was on his way.

I asked what happened to my agreement with Marvin that I'd pay 2 payments by the 15th? He said there was no agreement in the file. I told him I'd just received the check that day and was going to make payment on my lunch break. He told me I was a lying deadbeat and to clean out my car.

I hung up on him, made my payment on my lunch break and called Westlake with the confirmation number. Then I called the repo guy back and he wouldn't take my call, rather I was transferred to Westlake and they told me the repo order had been cancelled. Then I arranged to make another payment yesterday. From last week to yesterday, I received 3 calls daily, informing me that the car would be repo'd if I didn't pay THAT DAY.

I never answered the calls, just listened to the messages.

I made the payment yesterday and now simply don't answer the phone. Isn't there something that can be done about this company?

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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i can totally relate. they are jerks and do not seem to recall verbal agreements when you finally get someone on the line. Its best to get everything in writting with this type of company.