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ive been paying westlake for a year and a half at a very high intrest rate. this company harrasses me constantly even when im not late on a payment.

they are rude and threaten me all the time. they manipulate my contract on a regular basis and they always make sure someone different is talking to me. one person will tell me something and someone else will tell me another i am tired of this.

i have decided to turn them in to the fedral trade commission and better buissiness burea, as consumers we have rights. check your rights, and do this same thing

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I have had the same issues. They start calling me back to back the day before my payment is even due.

I literally loose sleep over them calling so much. They called me 18 times before my payment was due.

Then the day after it is due they will call every 20 mins. I have never been late on my payments and feel so harrased.


I know what you are feeling because the same thing happen to me. I have been with them for 5 months and they harassess me before my payment is due.

They are very rude and unprofessional people and dont give a care about the customer. I hate that they finance my vehicle and looking to get it refinance. Im glad someone reported them and i need to do the same.

Can you please give me info on how to do that? Thanks

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