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Hello, hello!

I am a current Westlake Financial customer and due to extremely hard times I fell behind 1 payment.

Yes, they have every right to call you and try to collect their money. No, they don't have to care about your personal issues. Yes, they can repo your ride, but...

Can they repeatedly harass someone with several phone calls A DAY? No. Can they call you names and insult you whilst trying to collect? No. Can they harass your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers? No. Can they make threats they aren't legally allowed to follow through with (like putting you in jail)? NO.

Just because someone is having a hard time financially doesn't give these jokers the right to treat them like ***. Learn to treat people with respect while being firm and maybe you'll not have people suing you and posting awful things about your company online.

I contacted an attorney in my state and guess what - LAWSUIT WHAT UP.

Westlake almost got me FIRED because they called my job (doctor's office) SEVERAL times a day, almost everyday. My boss told them to stop calling her business and to deal with me by cell phone. I had talked to a Westlake rep SEVERAL times and told them I was sorry I was late, but I was paying double payments my next due date including any fees and if they had to repo, well then, so be it.

Not only did I get YELLED at, insulted, and bothered by phone calls several times a day, but even just calling to MAKE a payment was painful! The rep "Manuel" refused to take my payment if I didn't give him all my contact numbers. Finally he gave in when I asked if he was REFUSING my money.

An example of their AWESOME customer service: I told them yesterday (as I have everyday for the last week or MORE) I was paying double payments today AFTER noon when I got paid...they called me at 10 AM PST and were demanding payment. I said I couldn't til after noon, like I said. The guy, who refused to give his name, said "IT IS NOON NOW"...uhhh no, in my state it's 10 AM so talk to ya in a couple hours. Thirty minutes later they called my JOB (after repeated requests by me and my boss to not call there, they have THREE cell numbers for my husband and I) and hung up on our receptionist.

I've had enough. I've documented every incident with names, times, dates, and the numbers they call from and have handed it over to a consumer proctecion attorney.

If anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit - email me at and let's see if my attorney is willing to hook it up.


And if you wanna find any typos and try to slam me or are a Westlake rep and wanna talk smack - go ahead. I really don't care. Lawsuit, ahoy! :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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They call me all the time I fell in hard times too they will call hang up can call me right back.


Same here I sued them for it


I received a phone call from westlake financial and the guy who wasc calling because the payment on my car was past due he left a voicemail saying things like i want to eat you out i want to eat your butt..... i have this voicemail on my cell phone does anyone know what i should do?


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I am being harrassed over 1182.00 I lost my job and paying as best I can. But Westlake is not willing to work with you.

The do not care, calls 7 times a day.

Sign me up from Las Vegas. I am will to give you any information to help.

Avis Bracey


Please include me!


Put me in im paying on a truck right now I'm 11.90 behind which I was going to make just a min ago on line with my current payment but I can't make a payment on line wtf now there going to charge me 10-15 dollars to make the payment and probably charge me a late payment on top of that put me in if this is still going


Next time read and request a copy of the contract you singed, don't just sign because you have *** credit and you are so excited because someone actually trusted your irresponsible ***!!!


*signed. How about, learn to spell before you attempt to insult people, you illiterate ***


Ive had my van 14 months and they say my pay off amout is only a thousand dollars different than when I got the car and I pay 348 a month wtf I called an told them to pick there *** up I dont want it not they are threatning me with wage garnishment ha I dont think so count me in on this lawsuit on top of that they are rude and extremly unprofessonal


Dealer was told to go to a website to print out the contract for us that he pays to use for creditors which I seen and it has the creditor listed there as a lender. They filled in the amounts for him.

The papers were signed. Got paperwork saying they bought the contract few days later. Got home with the vehicle and when I was able to go over it discovered they'd put in way too much money saying that's what I borrowed. I've been on phone every day with creditor, dealer, went to dealers where he showed us the contract site.

We have a signed paper that says it supercedes any other paper that says we only owe what we say. They can't get their way so now they yanked the contract, took the money from dealers account, and are telling us to get it financed through someone else. The dealersays Westlake does this to everyone but has been nothing but honest and upfront with us the whole time so we don't believe he or us should be held accountable for the creditor's fraudulant practices. He's willing to even testify and back us in court.

I have no clue how to get a class action suit going against them for this practice but am kinda glad I may not have to deal with them in the future.

Any suggestions or if you need my help contact me. HELP needed in Tulsa


PLEASE include me in this class action lawsuit if it's still open. Westlake calls me 15-20 times a day.

They start at 8:00 am and ends at 9:00pm. They start off saying this is a reminder that your bill is due on the 20 but ***!!! it's only the 5th, and don't be one day late the will bug you to no end.

I tried to trade my car in, the dealership called them to get my pay off amount and westlake refused to give it to them, which means I can't trade my car in for a better finance company or car.


I am in I am constantly harrassed as well. I talk to one person and they tell me one thing then another person calls and tells me something totally diffrent.

Not to mention I maker a pymt and get a call and then am told oh yea now I see where you made your pymt. I am so glad my husbands truck is almost paid off but I am still in on this lawsuit if it is still available, Contact me at


Im in. I got into car accident an hour into owning my car and wlf won't cut me a break.

I got hit by an uninsured motorist, so I'm paying for my own repairs, my own rental car and still paying my car payment. I was short 10 dollars and didn't think anything of it. They harass me at least 20 times a day and I told them when Friday comes, I will pay it. But they called me everyday.

They even called me at work and told my boss I was late. I was so embarrassed. So I refuse to pay. After 16 days, the calls were about every 20 minutes and they left a message saying they were coming to repo the car tonight.

OVER 10 DOLLARS!!!! Sign me up.

I'm tired of being harrassed.


Hey whoever has the class action I am in. They are harassing me about a car I don't even own.

It is a car I sold to someone else and they fell behind on payments.

Ain't that a poke in the eye. Please let me know :eek


Count me in. These mf'ers are harassing me because my payment is ONE DAY past due.

When I told the guy, "don't you check the status of the account before you harass someone?" He hung up on me when he realized I was correct.



I agree with this law suit. I hate it when they call me at 3am and try to make me pay a payment when i already made a payment a week ago. *** dumb ***


I want in!!!! Ive had enough of this self absorbed company!!

They have pushed me to my last straw & I can't take it!!! I want justice!

And I believe taking action like this, is the best way to go.


Anyone pursuing a class action suit against westlake please contact me as i would like to join. These are the most disrespectfull non professional people i have ever dealt with and will not stop until a suit is filed. my email is :(


IM ALSO IN. ugh !

I found this looking for ways to notify someone about their actions. they're so terrible. & not because they ask for money. I understand that, but because as stated I'm a person.

They've refused my payments before also. I REALLY want to be refinanced with some other company if you have info please let me know.