Sacramento, California

Well i've never been late on ANY payments and had my Credit report ran and it states that westlake is saying i missed 2 payments. FALSE.

Now i have those marks on my credit which is keeping me from being able to refinance with a real agency. Not to mention since i've been trying to fix this they've been rude as all *** to me even when they've agreed, i've never missed a payment. They are the ones who made this mistake & it is affecting my ability to be approved by anyone else.

I've tried calling to get things fixed, they said they'd send me a payment history and a month later i still haven't received it. Beware of these crooks.

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I know how that one is! I'm in the process of arguing the fact that NOTHING shows on my credit after 14 months of payments.

Went to get a car loan, they say myself and my husband will have it IF Westlake fixes things on their end. Well after 16 reps, I'm told I can dispute with the credit companies who have no record of Westlake at all! HMMM How can you dispute something that doesn't show?? Yep!

You can't, I tried.

Speaking with the Manager this AM. It WILL get fixed one way or another.


dispute with the credit report agency and show documation of payments made on time