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My wife and I bought a car through a dealership that used Westlake Financial, And man am I ready to slap the biggest law suite on them for all the unlawful things they have done and said to my wife. Note to everyone that is involved with Westlake " Keep all emails, voicemails and record all conversations".

Now they will pay for our car!.... These people are the most rude, and the most unprofessional company that I have ever run across.

Calling 6 times a day, making rude comments, threats, illegal repossesions and so much more!. I will never and neither should anyone with a sound mind get involved with Westlake Financial.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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I receive a letter regarding the class action lawsuit the court date was march,2,2012 does anyone know what was the final decision?



Wow, another loser! The reason you financed with Westlake is because nobody else would loan you you the money to buy a car.

It appears that even with your already bad credit, you credit is worse because of your Westlake experience.

Next time you look at a car, go to a fly by night buy here pay here lot and you can make your payment to them each week, then you wont have to worry about calls each month, they wont wait that long before they take your car. You will always be driving a piece of *** because you will never have the money to buy anything, just face it, you are a loser!


Class Action Lawsuit, in U.S. District Court of Maryland, Northern Division

McDaniels, et al. Plaintiff


Wesltake Services, LLC Defendant

Civil Action No. 1:11-cv-1837-BEL

Violation of CELC, illegal repos, charging more than 24% interest, charging illegal convenience fees, violation of Maryland Consumer Protection Act.


There is now a class action lawsuit against Westlake for illegal repos, excessive interest charges, etc. The attorneys are from Towson, MD. I will get the notification letter and post more onto.


They just repoed my car for no reason !! It was already paid off !!

They denied they had my car and said my account was current ? My car was in the shop getting a new clutch and I was called by the service advisor to warn me that Capitol recovery, via westlake repoed my car ! I don't even know who has my car now ?? The biggest scam crooks , wtf ?

Are they then going to try and scam repoe fees,basically they have stolen my car !!!!!! BTW its a Friday,if anyone has had this happen please write, meanwhile I'm trying to find out where my car is and who has it and why.!?


Exactly what I have been going through since I started doing business with these creeps!!!

A very low class company with low class employees.