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I could write a short story on Westlake! To make this short as possible, they are screwing me around telling me to make a payment to get my car back, so I do so now they won't give it back unless I pay some storage fees!

whatever, I do as they ask and they screw me over. DO NOT finance with this company,they will take your care after one missed payment, than take you for all you got in money!

They just told me that I was still one payment due, and that I have to pay 1,100 dollars in order to get my car back? WHAT?

Review about: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Such a disgrace its makes me sick literally. Hands down the worst finace company Ive ever seen and if I wasnt sucked so far in I would have wiped my hands with them long ago.

I paid of $8000 grand for a 2002 car down to the last $2000 the repo me and charge me over 3300 to get my car back not only to return my vehichle and find my propert had been stolen and damaged by their so called repo company.

These people are have no regards for human life or the financial strain half the world is in. If I had the extra money I'm sure we could all have a lawsuit for emotional ditress,harassment and a list of other charges I wouldnt recommend anyone to these *** bags *** WESTLAKE FINANCIAL


i am currently finiaced through westlake and they are THE WORST BANK i have EVER did business with. They call me 25 times in one day also leaving me voicemail after voicemail.

"Rosco" told me to over draft my bank account cause "its no big deal since i'm about to get paid". Also told me "why don't you just over drawl before we come knocking on your door then what are you gonna do". they have no sypathey or understanding for anything!!!

i would love to know who i need to call in order to complain. i don't ever answer my phone they are so rude and unprofessional


You know the shady dealer that sold me the car, a 2003 Dodge Caravan and processed the loan paperwork through this company went out of business. Now the vehicle that I purchased is valued at only like $3000.00 and I have paid 1,500.00 and $315.00 a month for the last 33 months

at 11,300.00 paid on a vehicle that when I request a current pay off for they say I still owe over $8,000.00 for it.

I think it's better I give them the car back (Voluntary Repo) but my wife makes a clear point that they will push legal issues and sue us for the balance of 8000.00. I beleive they probably would try and be rather persistent about it.


They are doing the SAME exact thing to me, only worse. I have written a document with dates, times, names, and all the times i was disconnected and transferred, and disconnected.

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