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I, like many customers on this site complaining about Westlake Financial, was originally very grateful to Westlake for accepting my auto loan after I had been through a major financial disaster in which I had a several drop in income, lost 2 homes, 2 cars and filed bankruptcy in August of 2008. I started my loan with Westlake in March 2010 and have made my payments on time ever since.

I am now over 1 year into my 46 month loan and had another financial set back because of a large tax bill. I have been trying to reach Westlake for nearly a month to explain that I would be over 30 days late on my April payment because of this. Through numerous phone calls all I ever got was an automated system with the exception of a few times I got to someone, they then immediately transferred me to another agent. However, that "other" agent NEVER PICKED UP!!

I would sit on hold for 10-20 minutes (sometimes with music, sometimes not) then suddenly it would disconnect (busy signal would ensue). There are times when they would call my house 10-20 times a day (I could see the caller ID when I got home) even if I was 1 day late (never have I been 30days late until now). Sometimes when they would call at 9pm at night, I answered the phone. The scenario was the same as before.

I would get a message saying, "please hold, we have an important message for you from Westlake Financial". So I would, for 10-20 minutes again and then it would disconnect. To my surprise, when they called me this morning at 8am on May 6th, I was able to grab it and eventually get to someone. I explained my frustration that I've had trying to reach them for the past month so I could explain my circumstances and hopefully get an extension.

HIs response was, "you should have called sooner, you're now 33 days late and we can't help you". To which I responded," Like I said, I've been trying to talk to someone for over a month to explain everything". Again, the idiots response was," You car is up for repossession, if you wanted to keep your car you should have called before today". I asked, "are you def?

I just told you I've been trying to get a hold of someone for over a month but your system doesn't allow it." Again, the idiots response was, "you should have called earlier and if you want to keep your car, you have to pay $337 now or it will be repossessed" then he hung up. I then called back to speak to a supervisor. Would you like to guess what happened? Yep, on hold for 20 minutes (with music this time at least) and right when 20 minutes struck, the music stopped, a click and busy signal rang in my ear!!!

I am appalled at Westlakes tactics.

It seems as though they keep customers long enough to get all the interest up front then do everything they can to make sure the car gets repossessed and then they sell it for more $. Something must be done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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This is a message to all Dealers looking for alternatives regarding BAD CREDIT LENDERS!!! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT USE WESTLAKE!!

:( :cry :(. You will lose money or make about 500-1000 per deal. They charge you (the Dealer) over $1500 fee. Let's say you are asking $13,000 for a car.

You paid $11,000 for the car. So you say kool $2,000 profit!! Well Westlake is going to tell you.. You have to sell the car for $14,500.

the client is going to pur $4000 down.. You keep the down payment and we will send you a check of $9,122. Let's see $9,122 PLUS $4,000= $13,122 So then you ask what happened to the other $1,378??

Oh well we are going to charge you (THE DEALER) that fee for bringing us business!!! They SUCK!!!!


@boo hoo. You have some nerve calling someone a dead beat whom you don't even know.

Nor do you know the circumstances. God help you is you ever end up in a bad situation in your life.