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I had bought a truck from Westlake Financial I got behind two payment I made two payments then they told me I had to come up with 10 references I had already gave them reference when I parked the car so once I paid the payment they had me under the impression I was going to get my car back they had sold the car I never received the car they took my money now everytime I go to try to get a new car or a used car that pops up I do not think that is fair as a repo and I never had a repo because I paid the money to them so if it's someone out there that can help me please respond back. And by me reading the reviews I see that they have done a lot of people like this someone needs to do something with Westlake you cannot go around doing people wrong when they paid for what you are financing. If there's anybody out there that can help me with this problem contact TCS 213-361-5180 they need to be stopped I never had a repossession and it shows up on my credit and it's not fair

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of westlake financial services auto loan. Westlake Financial Services needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with Westlake Financial Services. We take all of our customers’ concerns seriously.

We apologize for the negative experience you had with our company.

We do not support this type of customer service, and we are working very hard to make sure that everyone is helped effectively and within a timely manner. If you have any questions about your account, please contact our customer service team at 888-739-9192.


Bull! Typical whining of a serial deadbeat with 10000+ excuses and reasons why it's all the lender's fault.

It was YOU who failed to make your payments this causing them to do a repo. If YOU would have made your payments on time, there would not have been a repo.


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