They start their harassing phone calls, two days before payment is even due. Then Jon, whoever he may be starts to call me 3 times in 5 minutes when I was on a very, very important phone call, then calls and leaves me a threatening message about having my car picked up within 2 hours.

Ands I'm only 2 weeks late with my payment... This is the worst company I have ever delt with. Cant wait to get this one behind me...... SINCERLY, PISSED FOR GOOD.


Jon, I'm keeping that message you left me, I know the FCC Laws and rules.. Keep it up!!!!)

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Actually I'm not an employee. Thank god.

I understand that this loan company is bad, I have them for a car I bought last year. Thankfully this month is my last month. I never paid late, so they never bothered me.

The only time I was pestered was the first month of the loan, they had called me about five times that month asking for my payment... After I paid all the other months on time, the calls stopped.


Seanydizzley, you sound like a Westlake employee. Apparently you are perfect, right?

NEVER been behind on any payments?

How about stop being an arrogant ***? What a concept!!


Maybe you should make your payments on time? What a concept!

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