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I have recently paid off my truck, and I will never do business with Westlake again and would not recommend the company to anyone. There are extremely rude and they rip you off, I have recently had some finance trouble, not their fault but mine, what did upset me was that they were extremely rude when I contacted them regarding getting my truck back.

It was repoed on a Saturday night and I called to see about getting it back, I owed them $500 dollars till my truck was paid in full and today I have paid them $1100 to get my truck back, I was hung up on numerous time, I was told that they can treat people like *** because they are a second chance company. So basically what they are saying since you don't have perfect credit, your a piece of *** burden on society and can be treated that way.

I'm not sure if these rude individuals are trained to be this rude or if they just find these ghetto *** people in the welfare line and attach a phone to their ear. This is bad business, and they need to remember that they are a 2nd chance lender and they need us to stay in business so maybe they need to treat their clients a little better, or they will find themselves out of work and maybe fighting to pay their car payment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I was behind on my payments due to hours lost at work being I was 7 months pregnant at the time with issues. I called to catch them up this morning and the man right from the start was rude.

I explained my situation and let him know I am not working I am on maternity leave and wanted to PAY OFF my truck. He told me if I were to pay what I owe they could still come repo it and it would take 6 months for me to get my title. I had to pay the back and wait til tomorrow to call back and see what the pay off amount would be then go to Money Gram and use an ATM (with fees)in order to stop repo and get my title in 10 days. Honestly they are taking advantage of innocent people that have obviously had things come up.

And for them to still threaten with a repo after you pay off whatever you have is complete BS. Will I use them again or refer them ABSOLUTELY NOT!


I feel your pain, I have been calling them to set up a payment because it is late. This is my fault due to financial hardship, but I have been trying to contact them and let them know what is going on.

I owe less than 1500 on my loan and every time I have tried to call I some how get disconnected. I finally reached them today and for some odd reason they don't have any records of me calling, sounds a little skeptical to me. They sent out a repo order until my late payment is paid. I told them that it would be paid in 3 days and they could hold a payment, but that isn't good enough.

I think they are just trying to get some extra money out of me since my loan is so close to being paid off. I hate this company and will never do business with them again.


Omg..I'm going through the same drama. I am almost done with them THANK GOD


Thats just plain simple they are RUDE of these days its gonna catch up with themselves and/or the company!..I was going thru some hardships and thinking doing the right thing was to call and give them updates on payments and status on my end..but no, would get calls starting at 8;30am! and 10pm!

o not forget the weekend calls too..and yes they are hard to get a hold when needed to!! I had given them my bank acct info to process a pymt on a certain day..what they do, they processed it as we got off the phone!@! dealing with overdrafts as well..come to find out that they didn't have records of my pymt for December likely I had proof...I'm sooooo ready to pay it off this month and be done with them for good..


Westlake Financial is a joke on handling the customers i said i was going to pay my ride off this month well the next day i call WL to see what my pay off amount is and said okay i want to pay it off today..gave the person at WL my debit card info and had them verity the numbers..asking them questions and how long i should expect my title to the ride..they told me after 10 days of my payment then depends on the mailing system (referring to the post office) that i should rec. in about 2-3 weeks..okay so i paid them off on Feb 4 thinking yes finally done with them and just last night at 8:30pm mtn time i get an automatic call from WL..WTF!!..i was so mad last night and i called them this morning to see what was first i was put on hold for a long time than someone came on..what they told was that the card failed..i said "they couldn't call me back and let me know,,how can that be because he read the numbers back to me!!" so they transfer my call to someone else and i had to tell my whole story to them again..what they did was transfer me AGAIN!! anyways the last person i talked to said that a different dept handles the pay off and they won't be in till monday...i thought great!! :( :(