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I am 1month behind on my car payment I just lost my job and I get 25 - 30 calls q day from west lake financial if I had the money to pay it I would they harras me from 5:30 am until 11 at night the cafrom all types of phone numbers even blocked its *** me off because I am trying to do something and my phone rings I will be on an important phone call and they will call 2 or 3 times I could see if I was 3 months behind to call me that many times a day but I'm about to sue for harassment

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finially just made my last payment. I was late too but not more than8 to 10 days..and they called all the time, but i would just not answer, ,im making my payment,,,figured they can just wait!!!


I've been with westlake for almost eight months now, and I agree when your late the do call to much like all day. But there's a good and bad side to the company, when your credit bad and you've been turn down by everybody else they where they so if your case was just like mine bankruptcy, low paying job, bad credit score then you have to take it for face value.

Pay your bills on time and you want have that problem they just want the money like you want that car, I know times get hard cause it hard for me, but take it a day at a time pay your bills on time rebuild your credit then we want have to deal with companies like westlake. Harassing phone call yes but when everybody said no they said yes. Do the right thing, cause bad credit or good, job or not we still got a responsibility, and they don't care about your job, health, family, problem they just doing they job and that to get the money you owe for that car, is it fair no but lifes not fair but we still got to live it. A another when I pay my note on time I don't even hear from them period out of 8 months I've Been late twice they call me the same way but when I paid and paid on time they stopped.

Just take for face value it is what it is I wouldn't lose no sleep!!!!

And guess what you don't have to answer the phone or you can block them or worst case give them the car back but we don't want that!!! Just like they don't want you to miss paying.


It is illegal for collections to call before eight or nine AM and after nine PM, your time. If they aren't calling between those times, the next time they call outside of that time frame, tell them it is illegal for them to call at that time.

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