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i just have to say that westlake is the worst company to deal with for any kind of loan! we have 05 ford explorer and we have only had it 2 months we signed a contract saying our payment would be 468.09 a month but the say we signed a contract that says our payment is supposed to be over 500.00 we have looked over our contract and it say 468.09 and then come to find out the vin number on the contract we signed was completly wrong so we were made to sign another contract but this contract also says 468.09 so maybe it is time to lawyer up because if they have a contract that we signed for over 500.00 it sounds like forgery to me!

Review about: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Have to correct some things,they had me speak to a different dept that handles the payment.I told them that I made a payment they stated they never got it.


these *** actually are harrasing me too.I called then yesterday and said I got a bill that I stated that I owe them an extra car payment and then I get had to speak to someone that handled that dept.Then I get someone and that person became so nasty I tried to explain that i have already made a payment but they never got it,he didn't want to hear it and I hung up on him,then he calls me back and said to me "I'm not done talking to you,you need to make payment arrangements".then again I hung up on him because he was harrasing me.Half an hour later I called a supervisor and you know they won't let you speack to one unless you tell that 1st person what happened then maybe you can talk to one.So,talk to a supervisor and I eplained what happened and I asked her does your company allow their employees to speak to consumer's in such a manner?she said no and that she would pull the recording and the problem would be dealt with and I asked her are the calls recorded she stated yes.She seemed like she was trying to help sort of.So,I must have pissed off that person who took it upon his self to call me back and state "I'm not done talking to you".So then today about 5:30pm {in Jersey} on a sunday some girl calls me back and states "you need to make payment arrangements" I told her that I talked to a supervisor and I explained what happened she stated to me the above comment then I told her that they will get a regular payment and that I would be going to the bank to find out if the...

someone needs to put them out of business.:grin :p :upset

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