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They SUCK, ridiculous company, with rude *** employee's! I cant wait to pay this car off so I can say *** YOU!!!

They call obsessively, they call your references if you dont answer ever time they call you with is about 20 times a day, they never update their system, so they keep calling about the same thing. My payment is not even due until the 3rd of each month and they start calling me on the 1st of the month telling me that they are trying to collect an "outstanding balance" it's not outstanding until the 3rd ***!!!!

my account is current until the 3rd then I will owe you another payment!!!!!

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I purchased my suv in March. I also had (processing) fees added to the contract which is ridicoulous.

Unfortunately I didnt have enough credit for the other bankers (tried many) so I wouldnt be screwed into this loan. I read many bad reviews and lets just say the customer service is horrible. They constantly call my phone two weeks prior to the payment being due. There excuse is they wanted to inform me about the gap insurance and then remind me of payment.

My loan is 24 months and lets just say I'm counting down. I would only reccommend them if this is your last resort!!!!!!

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