My son has/had a vehicle financed through WestLake Financial. Times are hard and he got a little behind but made a payment on Thursday and they still repo'd it on Sunday.

He talked to them and they told him he could get it back for another 600.00. I personally wired the money to them and then they told him " sorry, our policy is that once we repo you have to apply for a new loan or pay it off. You would think in today's economy they would be happy to get paid at all let alone over 1,000.00 in one week. My son is raising 4 kids and working 2 jobs.

Yesterday he went to the ER with chest pain and a very high blood pressure and they admitted him. The stress of trying to figure out how he was going to go to work so he could pay his bills and feed his family is killing him.

He's doing the best he can but they don't take any of that into consideration.

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All westlake financial wants to do is get you into a loan and repo it so they can resell to someone else. I called this weekend about deferring a payment and they came up with something I never heard of.

Pay $40 and then we will send you a letter letting you know if we can or not.

I was only going to defer the loan so I wouldnt have to get a personal loan, but I chose to make the payment because I knew they would repo the car. They couldnt even send documation before hand of the promise to keep.


I can't say for sure, and it may depend upon the laws of the state your son lives in, but if they took $600.00 and applied it to the loan that might be considered 'offer and acceptance' of a payment plan. That is why Westlake sends their accounts to collections within days. So you can't make payments that they don't want to accept and leaves them with the right to take the vehicle instead (or in this case they offered to release the vehicle for $600).

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