I purchased a car though Westlake Financial. My credit was good but I had no outstanding loans to get credit. I ask if Westlake will make regular credit reports regarding my account, they told me "Oh Yes!!

I have been making payments on time for 1 year and they never reported my paymnent history!!

I called them several times and they said I need to fax them my Ssocial Secuity Card and Driver's lic. I have done that several times now and they still won't report my payment history to the credit reporting agencies!!

Don't do any business with them if you are trying to repair or build up your credit!!! What a ripp-off company!!

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King George, Virginia, United States #834570

FYI, Westlake is the perfect way to repair your credit. They help buyers with financing after most lenders have turned them down.

The customers that love Westlake are the one's that are thankful that someone gave them a chance, make their payments on time and Westlake gives the, better financing when they are ready for their next car. The people that dislike Westlake are the ones that think Westlake owes them something, constant complainers, get constant collection calls from Westlake and have to deal with all the rudeness from Westlake employees.

It's only the people that still haven't learned to pay on time, always coming up with excuses of why they can't pay, and they think Westlake owes them something! You could be a great customer and Westlake will always find a way to work with someone, but if you think you can BS Westlake every month with a different story, you probably wont like Westlake because they will constantly call to get their money! You owe the money to them, they helped you when nobody else would, and you *** whine when they won't accept your BS story of why you can't pay on time.

After they repo your car, you will be complaining because you don't have a car and you still owe a balance to them, which they will collect. The only question is " Who will loan you the money after your REPO with Westlake?"

Probably NOBODY!

Learn your lesson! Pay or walk!

Warren, Pennsylvania, United States #617171

Same problem! Been going round and round and round with them for almost 3 months!!!! TERRIBLE COMPANY


I purchased a truck through westlake last year.Eight payements later, they have not reported my payements to credit bureaus. Talked to a couple csr and they say they are reporting them, got copys of my report and nothing.

I pay on time to help build my credit and there giving me the run around. If i had to do it again, i would not go to them.


I don't like Westlake but they reported me as on time to all three credit bureaus. For the last payment one bureau showed on time within 2-3 weeks for that month.

One did lag by almost 2 months.

In this case I would guess it is ineptness and you will have to waste many hours getting the situation corrected.

With Westlake you show as perfectly paying while they threaten and harass you constantly. I expect some people's credit reads as on time for a year then repo the next month.

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