This is the worst financial company in the world. They have the worst customer service representatives in the world.

I hope the owner of the company sees this. YOUR EMPLOYEES SUCK, AND SO DO YOU FOR LETTING ALL OF THIS HARRASMENT AND RUDENESS CONTINUE. I HATE WESTLAKE FINACIAL COMPANY AND I AM GOING TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU SUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! i Have been a customer with them for over a year it was a bad choice on my behalf.

They should state it before you go into agreement with them that will,,,, screw up your accounts by withdrawl unauthorized amounts from your card, treat you like sh*t after they make a mistake, and never have compitent employees to assist you. Thanks West lake for sucking so hard.

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ou were a dead beat before you even financed with W/L, so don't blame them! Your not even smart enough to recognize they gave you a chance to improve your credit rating, but your another dead beat that will never learn and you deserve what you get!

I'm sure you have a history of poor credit, some people try to make things better, but you are one that will never learn! Grow up and stop thinking they owe you something!


Im sure westlake hates you too since you cant even make a pymt on time you lowlife! btw YOU SUCKKKKKKKK! 8)

Camanche, Iowa, United States #233954

for all of you people that have loans through westlake theres a better way to go you can refinance your vecicle through roadloans they refince anyone go to roadloans.com and fill out the refinance application they are a high risk company also but so much nicer then the people at westlake!!!!!



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