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Westlake is a joke. They don't follow the law.

People here that have problems need to read.

They call friends and family and harrass them after being certified mail notified. After being notified as per section § 804. Acquisition of location information and § 805.

Communication in connection with debt collection, they can not contact family or friends. People need to stand up to this company like my brother is going to do.

As per Mr Used Car Dealer- Too bad you don't put who you are because you would be boycotted by everyone. Or you just work for the company, which is it?

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It took 3 months for Westlake to update my account when I change my due date, this made account one month late and because of that they sold my car back to the dealer after the up dated my account. Now Im with out car and unable to buy a new one. How can they just do this to people.


THESE PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camanche, Iowa, United States #233950

for all of you people that have loans through westlake theres a better way to go you can refinance your vecicle through roadloans they refince anyone go to and fill out the refinance application they are a high risk company also but so much nicer then the people at westlake!!!!!

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