Newark, New Jersey
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These people that work for west lake are disrespectful people no manners.i was late and called to let them know so i spoke to a manager named miguel who was cool about it. but now we have them herrasing me all *** day even calling my neighbors .

i spoke to my attorney so we going to see what he can do about it . so dont do business with them they the worst or they will give you attitude and herrass you and the neighbors all day.and if you do business with them good luck speaking to a rep they have nasty attitude for any question u have for them.

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Actually I saw a vehicle online I wanted from a dealership, I filled out the credit app online then a day later said I could get into this car at the rate they quoted I instead asked for the finance companies name and I renegotiated the loan terms with a "customer retention specialist" and I told him this dealership is an hour away from me and I am a single father and I need to know for sure whether I am approved so I sent him numerous documents providing my income, proof of residence, tax records and everything needed. He called me back and we affirmed the down payment, interest rate and everything and he said i was approved and to go down and get the car.

So I went down, did all the paperwork and all took the car home and drove home and and the next day I get a call from the "verifications dept" saying they are calling to verify my info and and that as of now I was only pre-approved not fully approved and to not get rid of my other personal car that I planned on selling due to getting this new car... (this happened today actually)

So as of now I am waiting to hear from them and I am not happy and this is total anxiety and bs for me. I drove an hour to the dealership, was there 3 hours doing paperwork paid someone $40. to bring me there in the first place plus pa someone to watch my daughter while I get this car deal done and now have to wait and see if I am actually approved... when i call up and ask if I am all set and 100% approved they will only reply as "you should be ok"..."you should be ok"....I'm sorry but there definitely should be laws against dealerships or finance companies to do this as this is hardship/anxiety/stress and depression for anyone to go through....

Westlake financial are not the only ones who do this cause I sold cars for 5 years and stopped that career 6 years ago cause how many customers went through this exact deal as I am going through...

At this point I am more than willing to give the car back take my $3800 down payment back and keep my other car...


Went through a dealer to purchase a car. They went through Westlake Financial for loan.Everything was approved through Westlake who approved loan and is listed as lienholder of the loan.

First payment was due close to end of month. 8 days later dealership calls and states there is a problem with employment verification. Really? If that were the case the loan would have never been approved.

Banks have access to so much now, all your information.

They're renegging on the loan to give to dealer. Too late now was already approved, paper work signed, car registered and Westlake on title as lienholder it is now considered my property.

So they take your down payment and try to take back your car. By the way I'm disabled, wonder if this is a new one for them?


They are CONSTANTLY calling my PHONE, from various "local" 813 area codes... i simply do not answer them anymore. When i did, i was shocked to be spoken to like a child, and if this guy was within arms reach, i wouldve knocked him out for his disrespect!


If you keep your payments current you probably will never hear from or need to contact them.