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West Lake Rep's repeatedly call and harrass. with threats of repossession and giving time limits of 30 minutes to send payment.

They have repeatedly called me and every one that was a reference and told them they were going to pick up the car in 30 minutes, they were on their way with a truck. They have violated collection statues by telling everyone that they are repossessing my car.The rep's will try everything possible to degrade you if you are in a financial crisis.....If you dont have any complaints now ...wait until you have a late payment due to being laid off at work....

Review about: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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My sister-in-law has a loan with Westlake and they call me everyday because her phone has been turned off and she isn't making her payments. I have told them repeatedly to stop calling me and they just don't seem to get it.


Westlake has not picked up your car for one simple reason: it is not worth doing so.

Sending a repo agent to pick up a car is somewhat pricey. On top of that, a lot of times these cars are really devalued and in poor condition (like yours is). The company won't get much money back at auction with cars like these.

You are still responsible for the money that was loaned to you. What most people don't understand is that Westlake lends money to buy a car. Also keep in mind that you're buying a used vehicle in as-is condition.

My best advice to you: learn from your mistakes and READ THE *** CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN!!


:x westlake?, i bet they wont repo my car when i put it in their westlake, i think their customer service reps should be placed in a bag with their noses cut off, with a monkey, a cat, and a snake and thrown in a river,...just like corrupt roman politicians used to be. i get better service at taco bell, :upset


this call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes?...i wonder if they smoke crack and relisten to how they cant speak english so well,...i asked the guy if we could resolve this amicably and he said "yo sir, i eent goin to talk to you if your goin to use foul language",...maybe the people should be picking oranges at the orchards , not people to loan money to. laraza, empala, elcomino,vato, essay!!!!

la migra probably has profiles on 75% of westlakes employees. can you say national security?


shut up kalamitykatie! You must be perfect huh.

You sound just like those westlake idiots. You must be mexican too.

I agree...Westlake financial customer service blows. Call them every day and mess with them. i do too.

They aren't so bad when it is you calling them. They get upset and start calling you names. I don't know about other states, but that is illegal in mine.

i can't wait to meet them too. LMAO


:grin The talk to people that way, because they know that we can't find them.... To turn the tables aroud call them everyday when every you have time and talk *** to them, how the can't talk clear english and no education.

As soon as these high school drop out start talking *** to you just use educated words and I bet the want understand....

*** they all live in the same house..... Dam bums I can't wait to see what they have to say when I'm in there face....


i have teh exact opposit problem, I cant get them to come get a piece of *** car, that I havent made a payment on in 3 months, have been telling them to come get this car that long, it still sits on my property unoperable(water in the oil), they call everyday and are told to come get it, and I guess they just dont get it, I mean how *** can these people be. They dont want it either cause it is a piece of junk, just want us to pay for it,LMAO, that wont happen it will sit here and rot or I will push it out of my yard as I have already told them I will do. I feel for anyone who has to do business with this company, they are idiots.

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