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I wanted to give a bit of information on west lake collections. I was a collector for Capital One. I was trained very differently than west lake employees seem to be. So i am going to give many of you some information, that i have on bad collection tactics.

I have read about West Lake calling and telling people that a repo person is on their way a day or so before they had made arrangements to pay. I am not going to tell you that when your payments are past due that you are not in danger of having you vehicle repo'd, but, I can tell you that is most likely the collector that you made the arrangement with. you see, when an arrangement is kept, meaning that the customer pays on or before the said time, the collector gets a commision of that payment. Usually not a great commission, but some, so what they are doing is trying to make sure that you keep that arangement. I am not thinking this is exaclty legal, it is certainly unethical. Something to think about is this, a collector also has to collect so much money to "keep their seat" meaning they have to collect a certain amount of money to continue working there. I would say that if they are using these tactics to collect, this is how they are trained, and there may be a large amount of pressure on them. So in this economy, i forgive them, because i am sure that they do not want to be looking for a new job. If they are cursing at you, threatning you, calling you before 8 am in your time zone, they are breaking the law. If they are refusing payments, and you can get that documented, they are breaking the law, this payment does have to be reasonable, not 5 or 10 or 20 dollars. If they are in fact doing any of these things to you, you need to calmly, get their name, inform then that they are required by law to have an operator id number, and try to get that. and report them. they are not responsible for the actions however of a repo person, repo people are contracted by west lake, but are not west lake. I have seen many threats of law suits on this site, if you are going that route, document time, what is said, and whom you spoke with.

in order to get them to stop calling you at certain places, the place has to be verified, as well as the number, and then a simple statement that they cannot call their anymore, but you must verify. if you have not done this, then they are not breaking the law, if you have and further contact happens, then that is harrasment. if you do not verify yourself on the phone when they call, or if you do not answer the phone, then the number will be thrown back in the dialer and will continue to call you back, it is not harrasment if they do not talk to you. so make sure that you verigy that it is you they are talking to, after that, if they continue to call you that day, it is harrasment. collectore do not control the dialer. they are not making those calls themselves, however the above calls of repo, is a personal call from the said collector from their personal extension, that would be why the number comes up different on caller id.

this is just some info for for your information. hopefully this helps because as a former collector, it is those types that make it very difficult on those collectors who do not work for tyrants. if any collector are reading this, please note, that with west lake, you have a upper hand with the fact that people do not want to loose their cars, you must state facts not threats. and if your bosses are doing or training you in this manner, you need to turn them in. you catch more flys with honey then you do with vinegar, and always assume the positive of what the cusomer is saying, then direct them to the correct department from there. If they are lying, it will show up, do not yourself every call them a liar, because if they are not, you are in deep.

thanks hope this helps

karen thomas

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Finally, someone who knows the truth! I have also worked in collections and for another company who paid their collectors the same way. These collectors are always on the edge and have no conscience about what they are saying.

I had a collector pull a truck out from under a customer who was in a tree cutting limbs and left him in the tree. NOT That funny if you think about it.

The mentallity of the collector is ... its easier to get the money from someone if you take the car.(one call, one hour, send repo truck) While it may certainly get the customers attention, it is definitely unethical, lazy, and sadly rewarded by their boss.

Shame on those collectors who are nothing but vultures.