Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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They are mean, rude hateful and nasty!!!!! They all need retained as how to talk to people.

I have told them not to ever call my house again I am getting calls and I don't owe them anything!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the president of westlake call him his name is Ian Anderson 1-323-692-8851 and the CFO is Paul Kerwin 1-323-692-7070 the need to know what kind of a callcenter they have and they need to do something about it!!!!!!!! Please call it might help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one should be treated the way they treat people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They need to go to another call center where people are people not hateful, nasty, rude and mean. Also who speak english not broken english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've had a car paid off within a year though westlake .. and its taken more then 30 days to get the title released.

they are a bunch of rude *** over there lies lies lies is the only thing I get when I call them to see about when I will get my title they keep telling me its released today but its still yet to be released .. They are a very annoying company to do business with..

when I owed them money they was calling me all hours of the day and night I would not recommend anyone taking a loan out though westlake financial.


Westlake has the WORST customer service ever!!! I paid off a car in record time with them then I decided to use them again for another car.

What a mistake!!! I traded that car in to a real dealer and they called me for a month after!

Until I read a post here and got IAN ANDERSON'S NUMBER 323 692 8851 He answered and resolved my issue! Thank you Keeferel!



You did not read all of my comments I do not like westlake at all. Please read all of my coments you will see how i feel and who you last comment was direct toward.


after being on hold 4 about 25 minutes.. i was placed on hold again & was on the line with another customer..

she was n another state & was place on hold...

customer service sucks BIG time... never have i had people talk 2 me the way they do


westlake has the worse i mean worse customer service ever... these keeferel sounds like a real *** 2.. they must work 4 westlake


sally the feelings are the same you are the sick keep you mouth shut I think you will look better that way I HATE YOU TOO HAHAHAHAHA


Keferel, so now instead of "!!!!!!!" you are using "......."

You are an ***. I hate you.


I did not have a loan with them let alone be late but they would not listen you need to read the whole story not just part of it.......they had the wrong person.....no loan.....


I have had my car loan thru Westlake for at least three years, and have never been spoken to rudely by any of the reps. A couple of times, I was late on payments, explained the situation and they were extremely helpful and understanding.

Maybe as a customer, you should contact Westlake prior to or the day your payment is due and explain the problem.

If I were to ever require financing again, I would consider Westlake as one of my top choice lenders. Maybe as a customer, you should attempt to convey your complaint (or whatever) in a civil tone.


I have been a going round and round over the last couple of weeks...They feed you all kinds of BS and not very honest at all...After a call after call again and again I found this web site and I saw the number for the president and trust me they were right on my situation and cleared everything up... I thank you and I hope everyone else does the same...They immediately return my call without a doubt.

I still am going to make a formal complaint about the staff and there outrageous behavior in handleing customer services issues... Thank you again


Yes I totally understand...they repoed my vehicle and they day I pd all monies due and the following day they sent my vehicle to any auction.No one other than a specific person can help you and that indiviadual does not come in till 3 hrs later in the day.


The dumb f*cks were calling me about a camero that I do not own. threatning me @ all hours.

So I made sure to let them know that I was going to call INS on his *** *** Needless to say I have not had any more calls. humm...what does that tell you about their call center. I am not a racisest either I have many mexican friends and family.

I only have a problem with the illegals. 8)


Sally u must work for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they are calling me and will not listen to what I have to say I am not even a customer of theirs,,,they do not need to call me and do not ever call me an ***....u must be and *** to stick up for this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those are for you sally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


no sally you are wrong I do not even have an account with them so get things straight before you open your mouth


Sally your an ***!!


They probably were rude to you because you kept yelling at them with all the "!!!!!!!!!!" at the end of each sentence. What an ***. I hope they keep calling you.