Pomona, California

These rude, non profession al idiots. I guess they dont know that theyre not the smartest here.

I have been threatened with a repo this morning 02/09/13, as I am two weeks late with $128.87. Victor in collections lied to us i guess i was supposed to get scared, but he said the tow truck has been out looking for my car. He wouldnt let me get a word in, and i was calling to say im still off sick, and I'll be paying the other half of Jan by next Weds. Im not hiding cars for $128.

I also know that there is a long paper trail that they have! to file when a car is getting repo_ed. We havent gotten any notices in the mail, from them showing all the fees that will need to be paid should someone really come out. But i guess he's running the show over there, and has the power to just waive his hand.

Why do companies allow their staff to treat their customers like ***. Cause if we all didnt have *** poor credit, he would probably be working at Walmart.

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