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Made a completely correct payment using my checking account and received my confirmation receipt. Called two days later because there was no movement in my checking account.

They said everything was fine to give it more time. Three days later I call back and they tell me I am five days late. First they told me the bank routing number I gave them was wrong. I then read back to them the correct routing number which was the correct number on my receipt from them.

The same excuse was then given as my bank account number. Again I gave them the right number. Then they said I did not have sufficient funds.I had plenty of funds plus overdraft protection.Later checking with my bank to find out they never submitted it. They added a $25.00 bad check fee to my account and would not remove it.

I guess they are trying to get back at me for turning them in to the attorney general and DMV for taking my money for six months without having a title on the car and refusing to tell us so. That was a huge rigamarole.After investigating the DMV issued us a title held by Westlake.

It's nice now to know the car will be ours when we finish paying for it. This in itself is a long crooked story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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This company is very childish!! I had been given 5 deferments, paying $67 for each.

I recieved a call from Ryan at Westake Financial saying my loan has matured and I must pay $1800.00 now or my car will be repoed. I only owed the last five payments that were deferred. A deferment means it goes to the end of my loan. What did I pay the $67 fee for each time?

Has anyone else had this problem? I am keeping my car, they are going to have to find it!!! I will never again do business with Westlake Financial, they are liers and wont even listen to their recordings unless it benefits them.

I was never told it would be a lump sum at the end of my loan! They swear they told me each deferment but will not prove it on their "quality assurance" recordings.


They did the same thing to me!!!!! Overdraft protection I evan provied a bank statement showing that they was more than enough funds in my account to cover the payment!!!

They won't do anything about the fees. But I know have a thing I hand the phone to my kids when they call.