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First of all...i have never been treated by a company this bad! i do not understand why these people that are considered customer service agents did not get the proper training!!

I just got off of the phone with one of there so called specialized agents and i am very pissed off....i called them to make a payment after being 24 days late in which yes i agree that i was late and that was my fault for personal reasons but i also believe that in no way shape or form should i have been treated this way by this girl in which i cant even remember her *** name..this person obviously had much better things to do or didn't really care about what i had to say or of any of my questions.She was talking over me in such a rude manor, she would cut me off and not let me speak,honestly a total ***!! i am sure i can do her job way better than her, i don't understand how these people get hired....first of all aren't these people supposed to be out there to help you? To work with you, to help you make arrangements on making your payments. She literally told me either u make this payment in before tomorrow morning or your file will be transferred to another department and your car will be repossessed in which i only owe about $300 more and i always send in my monthly payment way more than the minimum amount!

It is just ridiculous! I honestly do not appreciate these people making me this angry...specially while I'm pregnant!! It was just stress that i did not need...and this was not the first time that i was treated this way,seems like every single time i call i get some rude *** female!! So this chick says why havent you called and discussed the issues on why you haven't been able to make your payment on time....and this is exactly why...cause when you call you get treated like ***!!

this company should really be shut down.From what i know you are located in LA right?

Who do you hired a bunch of angry cholas? I am so glad that i am almost done with you guys!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Customer Care.

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Westlake is a pitifull COMPANY JUgo at ext.3474 is soooo rude they have NO professionalism at all...He was more upset at me that i didnt have my confirmation #.....they charged me a late when Im not i wanted them to reverse ...after he got rude with I called him a ***..he had the nerve to call my personal phone off his personal phone and try to call me out


Westlake is very rude. I went on vacation and they called my work non-stop.

The *** actually told my co-worker that my car payment was late. (by 4 days) I was livid. So they got an earful from me.

They are the most dis-respectful company I have ever had to deal with. Only 4 more payments.