Columbia, South Carolina

They told me that I had one time to change the due date on my loan and when I did they said I didn't qualify. What the ***?

Qualify? When the economy is up in smoke you care about qualification you didn't care my credit was bad. These people talk to you like a dog and they also harass you all the time. I called to work out a pass due bill and the lady hung up in my face!

I am going to the better business bureau on these *** Don't do business with this company you will probably get in more trouble financially than its worth!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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This is the worse company I have ever had to deal with. They will cuss you out call you raciest names and threaten you with jail and death threats!!

They are unethical and shouldn't be in business. Do NOT I repeat DO NOT use them and do not let anyone else use them and put you as a reference. They will call references cuss them out and treat them like garbage. They try to repo cars before the payment is even due!!

They are liars, thieves and ruthless idiots. The language they use is horrible.

See the complaints just google westlake financial complaints it is amazing.


pay ur bills you effin 3 class credit eatin bank repo prosecional debtors pay an pay an pay till u pay till your old *** buck and pay


Yea! I agree I laugh @ them.

I decided to turn the tables around, so take notes.

Call them everyday and talk *** to them until they block your number like they did me. LMAO!