Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Don't ever do business with this subprime lender! They are awful!

They have treated my relatives like ***. Regardless if someone does or does not pay their bills on time....that is no reason to harass a person at their job to the point that a person feels as though they are going to have a nervous breakdown! I think the idea of someone doing this type of tactics is pitiful! And, they must REALLY need business and don't have anything better to do to issue loans and then harass the *** out of people!

Lord help this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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If you pay cash for everything "Oh Yea" then you probably don't have any credit "Oh Yea" and are only able to afford a 2nd hand trailer to live in as you are paying in cash.

Surely a troll like you "Oh Yea" couldn't possibly afford a 120k-250k home.

Look at the complaint Westlake Financial has received, are all these people making up stories? Is the BBB wrong with over 300 ccomplaints filed against Westlake who happens not to be a member of the BBB like any other reputable company??


Pathetic company/since being laid-off payments have been made late ut within a 30 day time frame/retarded stuttering cant speak english dirtbag *** calls and says they are gonna come get the truck, not even 3 weeks late, lol rite they are gonna come get a 10,000 truck and turn around and try to get rid of it again in this economy after I've already put 15,ooo more miles on it, idiots keep waiting and get the payment ***


I think in two years I have spoke to one person who english was there first language. Then they sent a repo guy after my sisters car and the guy ran her off the road almost killing her and then they have the nerve to call her wanting a payment.

I want out of my van with them so bad. enough to take the bad credit.

These people are cruel and just plain rude. They dont even wait the 90 day period to repo they threaten you from the start.


Yes, Oh Yea....pays cash for everything that is why he is out on this site doing a search for Westlake Financial...go figure!


I aree, they think that strong arming their consumers is the way to get business done. Obviously they don't know English well enough to watch the news and see the struggling economy.

I don't think that 3/4 of the company are legal citizens anyways. If they are then we know that the highest level of education is probably 8th grade.


Wouldn't let me spell the word I wanted so...again OH YEA sounds like one of the holes on your butt that work at Westlake


Oh Yea sounds like one of the westlake financial ***!!!


First and foremost I did not and would not use this company. I had relatives that used them.

You F*(^(*()

***! Go to school, learn to read (throughly) and then comment on S#$%%!

And, why are you just now replying to a comment I wrote almost a month and a half ago. YOU ARE PITIFUL!


That;'s why you pay cash you broke ***!That's what happens when you buy *** with money you don;t have ***!!!