Indianapolis, Indiana
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I called to pay my bill for the auto loan that I so wish wasnt through them!! They told me I was unable to use my checking account because my last check bounced, I said no it cleared, I have my bank statement.

He told me I was rude and do not know how to have a conversation with manners, told me to shut up and listen to him, then someone with manners may reply! I told him I am educated and not to speak to me this way! He laughed about it and said then why did your check not clear? When I said I work as a RN in a hospital, he told me it cant be a very good hospital.

This man should be fired! They are literally insane, they may state this is out of Cali in the USA...but, I dont think customer service IS!

Odd that they are so incompetent that a year later, they still cant put my correct address in.....something tells me, this man hasnt even finished highschool, I know rude children that are much politer than he is! JACK

*** and thats being NICE!

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I work for them and know exactly what you all mean...I am not a rude person and working for a business you'd expect to be polite even if its collection, but its impossible. I get many different people on the phones each day and sometimes some are so pissed that they blow up on me for some other ***'s incompetence. Sadly all this company cares about is money.


These people need to be put out of business!!! I called to inform them that I had paid my bill through my online banking and the customer service rep proceeded to argue with me about why I did not pay through Western Union. I told him that he had the worst customer service I had ever experienced and he said "That's fine, I don't get paid to do customer service."


BTW....sounds like we got the same jack *** on the phone from Westlake Financial, cause he backed down with me too by the end. I told him this is the United States of America and I dont know where he is from but here...women dont have to be scared of men, cover their face and walk two steps back. I am so sorry that they have messed your life u like this..karmas a ***!


My friend that works for the government said to contact the Attorney General and report them....this company is completey insane....when we bought the vehicle...the car salesman said how wonderful they are and how understanding they are....i am sure they have to know the shady *** that really goes on...i should warn people about that place too...they call my phone with the private numbers as well....this company and the people that loaned them the money to start it up are one of the exact reasons USA is going under...hats off to selling out to another bunch of foreigners and giving them a low interest rate to make them feel welcome here while we pay the price!


This company has the extreme rudest customer service they have. It was them who asked us to change the date of payment which we agreed and even sent the fax and then they said we are delayed for not paying and they have not received prior to the agreed date.

We have everything in papers, the woman who called my husband at around 9pm has been yelling to my husband and my husband told her to calm down and as he was driving and doesn't want to be upset while driving but the woman insisted and we nearly hit a truck because because the woman on the other ine kept yelling at him and telling him that she will take the car and my husband just told her ...go ahead take it an your car doesn't work well anyway. And then, that didn't stop there...they keep calling using private numbers, using other numbers, etc etc and they threatened to to get the car...which again we sad go ahead take the car...and the woamn said even if they take the car we will still pay for the car. And that they will ruin our credit rating (which they really did)..the car ...they took it like a month after the call...One more thing...when I called as I was fuming mad about the way they treated us...I asked for the name (a foreign accent guy) and he suddenly became nervous and frantic and that he said he is not really working for that department and he will pass me to the other who I guess can speak a little bit of good english than him but still it did not resolve the problem.

This company is very incompetent. By the way, this company doesnt have a good accounting and filing system...they always seem to be at lost...and then they blamed their customer for their (Westlake) incompetence!


They contacted me about my loan, which wasn't late, and the guy said to me "what condition is the vehicle in?" I said, "that's what you called me at work for?" and his response was "client refuses to answer". Rudest people I have ever encountered .... ever