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I spoke with a so called supervisor here at the company named, Mr Campos, he was too scared to give me his first name! This company repossed my vehicle after missing on 1-2 payments and I had some personal belongings in the vehicle, they threw them out and would not allow any of my family members to come and get them, they are full of ***, I would stay away from them.

In the beginning they were all nice and happy to have me as a customer, then they got ***! NEVER USE THEM OR YOU WILL GET BURNED!

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you are an ***. You borrowed money, promised to pay them back, missed one or two payments and are upset because they repo'd your car???

You can type so I assume you can read, the contract says you promise to pay. You didn't so they took your car. Also Westlake didn't repo your car a repo company did. they are the ones who threw out your stuff after the 10-15 or 21 day period when they notified you and you didn't come to get it.

You should never have children or any responsibilities that require common sense. You are the reason some banks have to charge so much interest because they lose their *** on people like you

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